Multi Core Tube

Multi Core Tube

general specification


DONGNAM KOREA MCT multi core tubes are spirally laid up and available with tubes in stainless steel, copper of copper alloy.
DONGNAM KOREA MCT multi core tubes are straight bead welded, bright-annealed and calibrated high quality steel tubing. For easaier identification and protection of tubes after installed, individual tubes are sheathed by PVC material of different color. Multi core tubes are continuously marked ar every one meter throughout the entire length for easu installation. Extruded outer sheath has oil resistance, weather proof, flame-retardant, corrosion and acid resistant, physical/chemical protection.
  • Number of tube :1~10 tubes in a bundle
  • Standard length :About 550m in a wooden reel
  • Thickness of tube :0.8~2.0mm
  • Diameter of tube :6~15mm(1/4″~1/2″)O.D(stinless steel), 6~15mm O.D(copper and copper alloy)
  • Material of tube :stainless steel, copper of copper alloy
  • Outer sheath :PVC, black color with marking(Halogen free material on request)
  • Individual tube :PVC sheathing with color identification

Multi Core Tube Diagram