Recruitment announcement

Application qualification

- Office worker: graduated from university or higher (expected) or equivalent
- Production Engineer: High school graduate or equivalent
- Career Employees: Those who have practical experience in the field

Recruitment date

- Occasional recruitment: When a vacancy occurs Recruitment of applicants for documents

Support method

- Mail Application: Download the application form for the homepage and submit it by post to the reception desk.
- Reception : 279, Mieumsandan-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea DONGNAMKOREA Co.,Ltd.
- E-mail : sp@tk-leejin.com

Contact Information

- Planning Team : +82-51-899-6408 / FAX +82-51-899-6409

Personnel system

Occupation (technical)

Employee → General Manager → Workplace → Origin

Office workers (office technicians)

Employee → manager → agent → manager → manager → manager

Research (Research Institute)

Researcher → Principal Researcher → Full-time Researcher → Senior Researcher → Director of Research Institute

Personnel accreditation system

Ability Subject: Evaluate understanding and ability of job and reflect it in HR curriculum
Achievement subject: It is evaluated based on the result directly made through work


- Legal benefits: Employment insurance, health insurance, national pension, industrial accident insurance
- Fellowship support for children: Enrollment fee from elementary school to university only for those who have more than one year of service
- Support for childbirth subsidy
- Congratulatory money support: Supports a certain amount of money for employee congratulations and condolences
- Vacation Scheme: Court holiday leave, other annual leave
- Award system: long-term root sickness, merit (best, excellent, encouraging), best practice, special prize, proposal system award
- Regular Health Checkup: Regular checkups are conducted to keep employees' health and disease prevention (once a year)
- Accommodation support: Dormitory is available for long-distance departure and homestay accommodation.
- Anniversary / holiday gifts: Chuseok, New Year's Day, Worker's Day present, etc.
- 5 working days a week